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Please note that the TWCC ground has an all weather wicket; good news in all weather, but it also means that no spikes can be allowed on the strip. We hope this isn't too inconvenient and that we don't see you in your slippers.

In order to avoid copyright issues I decided to make my map un-readable.
This map is orientated with North to the top of the screen.
I rather like it's homespun nature.
To add a bit more; when you get to Twineham you need to go down Church Lane which is also the road to the school. Just  before you get to a row of wooden houses on your left, there is a  gate also on the left, which is where you turn in, park and wait for us to all turn up.
Paul's Flypast  

 Paul took this photo  when he should have  been flying his plane  properly.
 I've put in some  dotted directions. The  picture's orientation is  questionable. In fact it's facing South.

As for how to beat us, I don't think you really need me to tell you that! Opposing teams have been doing quite well enough for years without such additional assistance. For new teams, or for those with short memories, perhaps I should point out that you don't really need to worry too much about getting us out; it's a feature of our game that we like to be left to get on with this without the help of any outside agencies. As for us getting you out we would be grateful if you could oblige in kind; it is the sport of gentlemen after all.
We occasionally head for the pub after our matches and it is important to let you know that we go to The Royal oak in Wineham, where Mike looks after us well and provide Harveys in suitable abundance unless a mean person gets a 50 (no names mentioned, of course - you know who you are).
I would draw a map showing where the Royal Oak is, but if you can't snif out a pub in open country I think you should ask yourself if you really ought to be playing the game?

Still lost?
Try typing the post code RH17 5NR in Multimap. That's pretty close, although, having just tried it it does seem to be attracted to the North side of Church Lane, whereas the ground itself is South of Church Lane.

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